A little about the house...

Posted by Erica

April time really does fly!

Erik, Trevin and I are doing great. School is almost over for Erik and we are literally counting the days. Quick over view...

We bought our first home in December. We now live in Tolleson and we love it so much. Trevin especially! He is everywhere, and I love that he has room to roam.

It has three bedrooms, a small loft, a den, two baths and a powder room. We went from a 900 square foot apartment to a 1959 square foot home and our stuff still doesn't fit...Time for a serious yard sale :)

I think picking out paint has probably been THE hardest decision of my life. Yep the hardest, then you know should I get married, have a baby ect... I will have white walls forever!

For our 2 year anniversary we went out to eat and I had said previously we don't need to get big presents just something small. Erik got me this sweet wall hanging, very thoughtful. I got Erik Nacho Libre. Now I know that doesn't sound thoughtful, but I really don't like the movie and he LOVES it and quotes it ALL the time. He was really surprised. After our dinner Erik suggested we go by Best Buy apparently I got the full screen version not wide screen. We somehow walked out of there with a 42" Flat screen! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME...or I should say Erik. (He says it makes the Wii more Fun.) It's OK I got couches the next weekend!!!

Pictures from the last month

Posted by Erik

Here are some assorted pics from March 2008.

My son loves Guitar Hero. The surest sign that he is as cool as his dad.

Trevin as the Easter Bunny. (Or a Rabbid (not rabbit), whichever you prefer.)

The happy Easter Bunny!

The impatient Easter Bunny!

I know what you're thinking...

Posted by Erik

What happened to the sexy Wordpress version of e2lopez.com? Well, it all boils down to the fact that I couldn't make Wordpress as user-friendly as Blogger. We wanted to have more pictures and more videos on the site, but Wordpress and the gazillon plug-ins/homegrown hacks I used/made couldn't match Blogger for usability. I'll probably try my hand at making a custom Blogger theme in the future, but I've still got eriklopez.net and dailyreviewer.com that need some love. It's been a while for both.

Anyway, now that the conversion to Blogger is complete, we'll start posting more often and with more content.