Posted by Erica

Erik, Trevin and I went up to Grandma and Grandpa Squires in Heber for the 4th of July! We had so much fun. The weather was SO awesome. It was cool and rained almost everyday! We even had to where our Jackets. I loved it. We had the annual BBQ and our friends from Snowflake came and the Doziers from our ward in the Valley. Shannas in-laws also got to come up and escape the heat. The fireworks, like always were amazing!!!
The parade this year was a dud I think we may skip it next year.

Watching the parade!

My best friend Leslie Harris Bigler was there what a great surprise.

Trevin loved the Fireworks.

A couple weeks later...
Trevin and I went to visit my mom and dad and Shanna's family over the 24th of July celebration. We had so much fun. Snowflake put on the production of "Joesph and The Amazing Techno Color Dream Coat." It was well done and a really fun night.
The next day we went to the parade. It was a good parade and I got to visit with alot of people that I have not seen forever!
Like usual we sat with our good friends the Dunaways. They invited us to a wonderful BBQ, we talked, laughed, chased kids. It was a great time.

Joe, Kyler, Tammy, Shanna, Kamarie, Brylan, KC, Dad, Carol and Mom.

Trevin was having so much fun he could hardly contain himself.

Someone gave Trevin a Pinwheel. HE LOVED THAT PINWHEEL! Maybe it was just the company, it was good to visit with one of my best friends Tammy.

I love it when he scrunches up his nose to smile!

Trevin and his cousin Kamarie hanging out after church!

Brylan & Kaden are showing their Brotherly love.