STAYCATIONS!!! Everyone should take one!

Posted by Erica

Erik and I just got back from our "Staycation." Instead of going out of town we stayed here at the Point Hilton Squaw Peak. We had SO much fun. Trevin stayed with my parents and Shanna up in Heber. That was the first time he has stayed the night without me. I was really sad and had a hard time sleeping. I missed him terribly. My mom said he was a very good baby. He played and played and played! I guess he and Kamarie had a good time. They played in the kiddie pool, the sprinkler, the hose, the sandbox. My mom said he played the piano and laughed and giggled a lot. I am really thankful for family who love us and are willing and want to watch and love him no matter what. Shanna's husband KC took him there and back for us. I know it is not fun riding long distance with a baby so I REALLY appreciate his willing to help. I was REALLY needing a vacation and this was just the thing.

The Squaw Peak has a lazy river, several pools and a water slide. Our suite was really nice. The bed was SO comfy. It had a down pillow top mattress and down pillows with these amazing sheets. Erik bought my this comfy robe and I did not want to get up. We went dancing and ate in nice restaurants (got appetizers and desserts), lounged by the pool with poolside service, IT WAS SO GREAT! It would have been a little better had it not been 115 degrees. The lazy river was too hot to hang out in all day so we went shopping! We went to Scottsdale Fashion Square and Biltmore and pretended to be rich and snobbish (just kidding). I found these cute shoes to go dancing in they were 50% off! Yahoo! Then I noticed they were 50% off of $200!!!! Needless to say they weren't THAT cute! It shocks me what people pay for things that can be bought at Target for a fourth of what they paid AND the same quality. I am just glad we don't live like that... :) Saturday we caught a movie and didn't have to worry about time, we did what we wanted.

Trevin came home Sunday. I could not wait to see him. I missed him so desperately. All three of us played all night.

I would recommend this to anyone! We spent half the amount that we would have if we left town on vacation. We didn't have to waste a day and money on traveling. Neither of us have spent that much time in Scottsdale so it was like we were somewhere completely new. The resorts in the summer offer great deals (really who wants to be here when it's a 115 outside?).