Just can't get enough!!!

Posted by Erica

Trevin and I had the wonderful opportunity to go down to Rocky Point, Mexico again this year!! Twice in one summer, WE LOVED IT! My parents, Trevin and I went in August it was perfect. Unlike May - not a stingray in sight. The water was warm, almost too warm sometimes the air was cool and the beach was so beautiful and clean. We stayed in the Mayan Palace. It is 20 min from Rocky Point on a private beach. Trevin LOVED the water. This beach had tons of sand for miles and miles not a reef in sight, that makes for some great tide pools where Trevin could play and run.
My mom and dad got to see 6 Manta rays I was very jealous. I have always wanted to see them in the wild. We got to see a seal too! He was adorable he kept lifting up his head and looking right at us.

Trevin Laughed most of the time!
I think he looks so cute in his blues clues towel!
Trevin did love the ocean but he REALLY loved the pools. Everyone adored him. He said hi to every person who walked by and wanted to play with all of the kids.
Thanks mom and dad for taking us!