I need a little Help!

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I cannot get the header to work on my blog. I have the picture uploaded and everything looks like it should work but nothing shows any suggestions?

# 2

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GUESS WHAT? Bet you can't...For those of you that don't know yet...we are expecting a new addition to our family in April, April 19th ish!!! We are very excited. I went for my 12 week visit and the baby is much bigger than I thought it would be. I am very nervous for number 2 to come. We were not necessarily planning on a new baby this early a little bit of a surprise and hard to wrap my head around. Trevin will be 23 months when this one is born. I just kept telling Erik I can't do this, but I am just getting over complete exhaustion and nausea so maybe I can. After going to the Doctor this last time it finally feels real and I am very excited.

Just wanted to share

Posted by Erica

Sundays are a little rough for me. I was called to be the nursery leader. Right now we have 32 kids by the end of December we will have 37! It is a lot more work than I imagined. It takes a lot of my time. As soon as I get all the teachers we are supposed to have I sure it will get easier.

Here are my boys Sunday morning. They looked so handsome I had to get a picture. I love it when Trevin wheres a tie. Trevin is in a need to be funny stage. He does anything he can to get you to laugh. I guess he is just like his daddy, I just didn't know it came so soon.

Trevin loves the rocks, mostly to eat but to give away too. He would much rather eat rocks then take a picture with mommy.

I was out pulling weeds with a bandanna on my head an Trevin had to have it. He wore all day. The shirt adds to the personality!