It's a BOY!

Posted by Erica

It is confirmed, baby number is a boy. His predicted arrival date is April 13, 2009!!! They moved my due date up. Everything looks health. We are very excited to be having another boy for several reasons but I think the biggest thing is convenience! :) It does make me a little nervous that we won't ever have a little girl but this is only baby two. That makes it sound like there a lot more coming... Maybe at least one more. Lets see how I handle two, then we will make other plans.

I'm late with Halloween!

Posted by Erica

Can you guess what Trevin was last year? Let me give you a hint...Think Erik...
You guessed it (well lets pretend you did) that's right Yoda. Erik thought we should stick with tradition. I told him it was not a tradition if it has only been one year...I lost the argument! Star Wars tradition is now set in place.
Here is my little Darth Vader!!

I was really hoping for the Bat Costume. He looked SO CUTE and not so... well Star Wars. Trevin did not like that idea. I think he and Erik must have had a talk! He was mad!!!
I got him to truck-or-treat in it and found some friends who had the cutest dogs!!!
Jared and Courtney Horton and Pups dresses as a spider and pumpkin!

Needless to say Erik decided the Bat costume was too hot and since the Darth Vader was underneath...Trevin spent the rest of the night battling good.
Trevin and I went up to Heber to visit my family and spend Halloween with them. Here is the whole crew. They were so excited about trick-or-treating that I could not get them to hold still.

Kamarie is a duck, Trevin a bat, Kaden a Ninja Turtle and Brlyan was a hiding cheetah.
Trevin got the idea of what to do really fast this time. He was running from trunk to trunk holding out his bag it was too cute.
He loves these glasses his cousin Kolman gave him! He wears them all the time it cracks me up!!


Posted by Erica

My mom and dad finally got their mission call this last weekend. They are going to Samoa, Apia CES mission for 23 months. Yep, that's right 23 months... I know a long time to have your parents gone (well to me it is). They leave January 26, 2009 my little brother Jacob and his wife Rachel are having their first baby January 19th so everyone is excited that they will be around for awhile.

They are very excited and have been preparing for this for a long time. My father is a convert and did not get the opportunity to serve a mission in his youth and is ready to dive in head first. I know this will be a wonderful experience and bring many blessing to them and hopefully trickle down to us :).