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Friday I went to my last OB Doctors visit for 7 Weeks! I am very excited and beyond tired. The weight ultra sound says this little boy is not so little. They think he is a little over 8 lbs. I am all scheduled and ready to go to start induction on the 1st of April (no joke!) Baby boy name-less Lopez will be here April 2nd if not sooner. My sister is on spring break and she and her family came to visit. She helped me put the baby's room together (almost done) and re due the dresser and figure out where everything is supposed to be. I can not make a decision for anything right now. Its like there is no connection between my brain and logical thoughts so it was nice to have her here to help me think. She also decided to walk this baby out of me. She took me yard saleing and shopping. I can't even keep my eyes open so if this doesn't make since...

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I went to the doctor again today. He did a quick ultra sound, he said he just wanted to take a look. He kept saying "that's a big baby, look at those chubby cheeks" those are not really comforting words :) He said next week we will do an actual weight ultra sound. He thinks he is 7.5 lbs now, so he said depends on how big he is he may do an amio ( i'm sure I spelt that wrong). I really don't want to do that but I really don't want to have a huge baby either. Anyway, I think everything is going to be OK. We went ahead and scheduled the induction for the night of April 1st. I wanted to go naturally but I think I am over that too.

Our Story

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Erik and I met in the Glendale singles ward. No, it wasn't love at first sight but I did think he was pretty cute. It took us awhile and a few tries to get our first date (I didn't know "do you want to go to the movie with my friend Lisa and I" was an attempt to ask me out, silly me. Finally our first date happened (August 3, 2005) we went to the very romantic movie "Dukes of Hazards" (It was either this or March of the Penguins.) He took me to Cucina Taglianis, the movie and then we got cheesecake from Cheesecake factory and tried to eat it at a park. The first park we almost sat on a homeless man, the second we realized we had no forks so we ate in my sisters backyard. We talked all night...The next day was date two and it went on pretty much like that for the next 6 months.
Erik is a romantic. When he proposed it was wonderful with chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) and sparkling pear juice, lots of rose petals, dancing, and flowers.
November 2, 2005

Engagements/announcement picturesWe were sealed in the Snowflake, AZ Temple March 18, 2006. We were sealed by our good family friend President Bill Beecroft.
It was a very windy and cold day. I felt bad for those waiting outside for us to come out, my hair didn't last long either.
Every time I would move my veil was flying in our faces or off. I didn't mind I was too excited and happy to care.

It is amazing to me how crazy things get right before you get married. I really believe it is to distract from the amazing covenants you are about to make with the Lord and your companion. Here is a little run down of the craziness we experienced ( I will spare you all the details but here is the short version!)
2 Days before: My flowers that I ordered did not come in and I had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and run around down town to wholesale shops to find them in order to make it to work on time so I could leave to pick up the rest of the flowers and get to Heber.
Day before: I got the stomach did all of my relatives that came from Idaho and Utah.
My Photographer, that was coming from Phoenix her Grandpa who helped raise her had a brain aneurysm and was in emergency surgery (SHE DIDN'T MAKE IT TO THE WEDDING.)
Our dear friend was planning on decorating the gift area. Well her brothers wife was having a baby and her parents were on a mission so she had way to much to do and was unable to help. We had to do some quick thinking.

I think my mom and aunts did a great job pulling something together.

Erik's aunt had some heart pains and so his grandma took her to the hospital and missed everything.
It snowed in Heber and on the rim so Erik's uncle who he is like a brother couldn't make it because they were afraid the roads would be closed and he had a business trip he HAD to go to the next day.
The lady putting the center pieces together thought that I wanted an elegant wedding!
(There are little Christmas lights in the vase and under the red material)
Day of: I felt much better

Everything was so perfect. The cultural hall was amazing with tons of fresh roses, daisies and lights. Everything was so beautiful.

(My neighbor Sari Franco made my cake!)

My brother Jacob who just got home from his mission and whose homecoming was the next day, one of his companions came to see him. Luckily he used to work for a wedding photographer and he took the pictures.

The next week we had an equally beautiful reception in Peoria. We had so many friends, family and dancing at each event. Both receptions were very special and I feel so lucky to be so loved.
I am so blessed to have married my best friend. He is so kind, loving and gentle. The most amazing daddy and husband.



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My friend Beth had a craft night the other night that was a lot of fun. It was nice to get out of the house and visit with adults. Most of us were pregnant or just had a baby within the last 6-7 months so there was a lot of baby talk.
We made felt flowers for our hair. She then sent patterns for different ones later so I made a couple more. I know I am very un-crafty but these were really fun and simple. I made the black and white, the blue and brown and the red and black one for me and the little red flowers for my nieces ponytails and the pink one for her also. I had show off how cute they turned out!

Big Baby!

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I went to the doctor Friday a 7:45 and left at 9:30! The time really is not why I am posting it was just a long wait time. I found out that baby boy Lopez is roughly 6 lbs already. Yep the baby ticker is right I am 35 weeks with a 6 lb baby already. They set my induction date for April 1st... well they will induce April 1st and I will hopefully have him April 2nd. April 2nd is a busy birthday day for our family, my brother Chad and brother-in-law KC's b-day. My mothers and nephew Brylan's b-day is the 5th so I guess he will be in good company.
April 2nd is SO soon. I got to get cracking on my list.

Erik did paint the baby's room I really like the color. His sister Jennifer came that night to help finish up (thank havens) if not I think he would still be in there painting!