I bit the bullet

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A little more than 8 inches later.....

Just one complaint!

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My Feet hurt. They have hurt since the day Jonas was born. I don't know why. You would think it was so Erik would rub them every night (which he does) but it really isn't. They just hurt.

These are my hopital toes. They normaly aren't so cute.
OK I am done now.

Jonas Squire Lopez Blessing

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Jonas was blessed Sunday May 3rd. It was a really nice day. My sister and her family came and stayed with us, and Erik's friend Jeb. Trevin LOVES when his cousins come to play. They played in our new backyard ( That's another post for another day). Jonas did cry through the blessing but it was beautiful anyway. A lot of Eriks friends and family came which was really nice. Like I mentioned earlier my sister came and our great friends the Dunaways and the Footes came. I missed getting pictures of them...
My parents skyped (web camera) from Samoa during the luncheon so it felt like they were here and apart of the party. I was so happy the timing was perfect.

Grandma Janet Lopez found these adorable outfits for the boys and Jonas's big day.
Proud Grandma Lopez
My nephew Brylan cuddling little Jonas before church.

Trevin and Regan not loving their photo shoot.

My nephews Kaden and Brylan with the boys. (Kamarie was sleeping)

Thanks everyone for coming and supporting us. We love you.
My friend Amy blessed her little boy Harrison the same day. I am glad we could share such a special day.

What was I thinking....

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I think this photo explains it all!!
I decided to make cookies to share with friends and family. OK...I made cookies to eat cookie dough. I love this stuff. I thought Trevin is old enough to help. I would measure and he could pour it in and stir. Every time I turned around he was scooping the flour, salt and soda into the drawer!!! WHAT A MESS!! Then he was adding salt and sugar to the mixture.

He was having a blast, so I just let him keep playing. Erik about died when he came home and saw the mess.
Guitar Hero night at the Lopez's is a family affair. We had so much fun and Trevin was cracking us up. He was jamming with his guitar it helped all of us get into to it.

Jonas was just kicking back enjoying the tunes.