Silly kids

Posted by Erica

While in Heber the kids found this slipper and was wearing in their head. It was so funny. They looked like smurfs.
Jonas HAD to have a turn.

Trevin and Kamarie found these pink hats and dressed themselves. Trevin is wearing Kaden shirt backwards and Kamarie is wearing a sweater for a skirt.
They walked around holding hands dressed like this. They were having a blast.

Childrens museum

Posted by Erica

Jonas is the happiest baby. ALWAYS smiley he is so much fun!!!We went to the Children's museum of Phoenix a couple of weeks ago. Erik got the day off and we spent the day together.

Trevin had SO MUCH FUN. We had to pry him away from everything to move on to the next thing.

Here he is making dinner. He was very interested in everything he did.

HE LOVED THE SHOPPING area. It has mini carts and he filled them up and checked out.

The noodle jungle was a hit too.

This was a car wash I think we were here for 45 min. He just kept going around and around. there were several other ladies there with their kids and they kept asking how old is he? He peddles so well for a two year old. I was proud. :)

Jonas was loving all of the colors and things to look at.

Here are vacuum tube things. They were neat too.

Visiting Heber

Posted by Erica

SUPER BABY!!!! It was too cute to resist and it won't fit at Halloween.
While in Heber for the Fourth (I know way late post) We went to see the neighbors horses! Trevin LOVED the Cows....AKA Horses

They play so hard all day outside. The other day they were all in the wash and they were laughing having a great time. We could see them but didn't realize they were pouring dirt on each others heads.
We stuck them in the shower and black mud came shooting out everywhere.

I am really glad Jonas is not to that stage yet!!!

Happy Belated 4th of July

Posted by Erica

I love the Fourth of July! We went to Heber.... Jonas first parade

Our family parade picture! Turned out great don't you think?
Trevin LOVED the fireworks....He is still talking about them.

We went with my sister Shanna and her kids

It was a really great show.
Sunday there was so many people we only had sacrament. The Chapel, cultural hall, RS room and Primary room were completely full.
I can't believe how big my little boy has gotten already!