So Bummed

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Humph, Sigh, Pout....
I am frustrated. I have been clipping coupons and looking on site after site for fabulous deals. I was all prepared as I ventured into Fry's Market. I then noticed I did not have my list....PANIC! Then I realized I will just look at the Q's (coupons) and the ad and figure it out. There wasn't that much I was planning on getting. I am excited that I got 4 free dial liquid soaps, 3 free mustard's and something else. Erik is now done at this point. Trevin was being an octopus, Jonas had wet through his clothes ( I HATE Walgreen's diapers) and was crying so I was carrying him but could not push the cart with one hand (I got a 4, 24 packs of water$1.88 each, they were REALLY heavy) I got to the register and she was really nice and understood I was kinda new at the whole Q thing. She said let me have your competitor Q's first then the food for them, I then realized she was WAY to concerned about them. I was right. After telling me how cute my sons are and I did a good job on the saving she then proceeds to get the store manager. I had 3 $5 off a $25 dollar purchase from AJ's( Fry's is taking Competitors Q's this week.) I told them I had friends that had used them here just this week (which was TRUE!) They came and told me that AJ's was not a competitor and they won't take my Target Q's either. What?!? Then will you take out half of the stuff out of my basket? Remember the crying baby and irritated husband. I was SO agitated. I even pulled the "you just let all of the air out my sails" look and it didn't matter.

I have been trying to get one of those amazing receipts where you save 80% on you bill. This week was 52% and I think the best I have ever done is 62%. I know not horrible. I was just mad I was planning on saving $18.00 more dollars on that trip then I did! $18.00 That is alot of money... Well its not, is.

I am still glad I am taking the time to coupon. I have more food in my house than I ever had and not spending any more money than before. That is my goal so I will let this go...eventually. :)


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Cute boys. 2 years old

4 months.

Out of the mouth of babes....

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Trevin is learning to pray on his own. He always folds his arms and bows his head, occasionally he will close his eyes. He has been repeating what we say lately while we pray. It is so sweet.
The other day we were at the Lopez's for a Birthday party and BBQ. Everyone was in the kitchen getting ready to eat. While the prayer was being offered I hear Trevin whispering, my heart was swelling...I was so proud. Everyone thought it was so cute. Later Erik told me he was whispering "want chips, want chips."


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I took Jonas to the doctor the other day for his four month check. He is a big boy. He weighs 16.12 lbs and is 23 1/2 inches long, that is 90% in both height and weight.

The doctor said he should be sleeping 10-12 hours at night. He sleeps for 3 then wants to eat. She said let him cry it out he will eventually get tired and fall asleep. This means we both cry it out. I hate it. Well I am SO TIRED I thought we have to try. 6 hours of constant crying. We would go in and pat him every once in awhile he would settle down until we left. Finally at 3:30 AM I gave in and fed him. He then slept until 7:00 AM. Which would have been great since he and Trevin both want to get up for the day at 4:00am normally. But Treivn woke at 5:30. Have I mentioned how tired I am. I don't want the endless night of crying to go to waste so tonight we will try again. Cross your fingers.

These are the sounds he makes all through Relief society.

Grosgrain: The Pod Swaddler Pattern GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

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Grosgrain: The Pod Swaddler Pattern GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Silly kids

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While in Heber the kids found this slipper and was wearing in their head. It was so funny. They looked like smurfs.
Jonas HAD to have a turn.

Trevin and Kamarie found these pink hats and dressed themselves. Trevin is wearing Kaden shirt backwards and Kamarie is wearing a sweater for a skirt.
They walked around holding hands dressed like this. They were having a blast.

Childrens museum

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Jonas is the happiest baby. ALWAYS smiley he is so much fun!!!We went to the Children's museum of Phoenix a couple of weeks ago. Erik got the day off and we spent the day together.

Trevin had SO MUCH FUN. We had to pry him away from everything to move on to the next thing.

Here he is making dinner. He was very interested in everything he did.

HE LOVED THE SHOPPING area. It has mini carts and he filled them up and checked out.

The noodle jungle was a hit too.

This was a car wash I think we were here for 45 min. He just kept going around and around. there were several other ladies there with their kids and they kept asking how old is he? He peddles so well for a two year old. I was proud. :)

Jonas was loving all of the colors and things to look at.

Here are vacuum tube things. They were neat too.