Parents Farewell

Posted by Erica

My parents are in the MTC right now. It is a little different. They can call every once in awhile on the cell phone. That has really been nice to not feel like they just disappeared. I do miss just calling for no reason and my mom used to call and talk to Trevin on the phone everyday.

He looks so handsome and grown up.

This is Tammy Matthews. She has been one of my best friends since...ever. Our families have been really close my whole life. I think the Dunaways became friends with my parents right after they got married. I am not really sure they have just always been apart of our lives they are family. In fact we spend holidays at each others houses. It is really nice to have family not too far away.
We are both pregnant and due a month apart again. We are wearing black so it is hard to tell. Her firsts sons name is Brevin....sound a little familiar.


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I have so many wonderful blessing in my life that my heart is so full. I feel ungrateful because I have not expressed that appreciation to my Heavenly Father and to those who deserve it lately. I thought I would share a couple of my thoughts with you.

I have an amazing husband. I am not a good pregnant women this time and he is patient, supportive and does whatever whenever it looks like I need something. He is the best daddy and Trevin adores him. He works hard and is trying to get a new job to support us. Trevin is such a good happy boy. He brings me great joy. I am so thankful for his health and personality. I am thankful for my home, food to eat and at least one car that works. I have a wonderful family who loves me so much. My mother and father love us and the Lord so much that they have chosen to serve a mission and share their blessings with us. (I am having the hardest time with the thought of my parents not being with me to welcome our newest addition but I finally feel it is going to be OK. I have so many friends that have been like family that promise to come and help.) My sister. I am thankful for Shanna. She has been my strength most of my life. I am thankful for Erik's family. I am thankful for new friends. Friends that offer to babysit, friends that call randomly to see how I am doing, friends that when I needed help told me how to get it and then offered to watch Trevin. I am thankful for the Plan of Salvation.

I know this is really out of character for me to post such a blog. I think it might be the pregnancy talking. It sounds like a testimony. Sorry about that. Maybe if I don't post any pictures then nobody will actually read it. :)


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Trevin has decided not to sleep through the night AGAIN! When we stay with my parents he normally sleeps with us. I think its the new surroundings, the fact that I don't want him waking everyone in the house and he knows he can are the contributing factors. We are going to Heber again this weekend. (It's my parents farewell, sweet sorrow is how I am feeling. I am really excited for them and sad they will be gone for so long.) Anyway, I figure Trevin will be in our bed again this weekend so might as well not make him cry it out. He flopped and pulled my hair all night. On top of that fun adventure I have this horrible cough that keeps everyone wake. I can't sleep because of it so I might as well wrestle Trevin and let Erik try to catch the zzz.

Happy New Year!

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My dear sister-in-law is a photographer! She does excellent work! She took these family photos over Thanksgiving. IT WAS SO COLD and rainy! You can't even tell. Some how she was able to get a good shot anyway. Trevin was not going to smile, but he isn't crying!

As a surprise for Erik I had her take pictures of Trevin and I for Erik's desk at work. It wasn't raining that day but the wind was so strong we were having a hard time staying on our feet!

If you look close Kamarie left her mark for the picture too! Trevin has a little bite mark on his cheek. I think that is why he is not smiling this time... or he just doesn't smile for the camera.THANK YOU RACHAEL...YOU ARE AMAZING!!!


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I am sorry for writing so late. I have been under the weather and off my feet (Doctors orders!)This Christmas was busy and a lot of FUN. The Festivities started out at Grandma Estrada's. We had an amazing breakfast with the best beans and tamales I have ever had. There was other great food there too. There was lots of family that I am still getting to know so it was neat to be able to visit. Grandma was very generous and we had a wonderful time.

We got to pick oranges, tangerines and grapefruit off Grandmas trees! They were delicious.

Trevin loved helping daddy.

After Grandma Estrada's we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Skinnell. Grandma hurt her back and has been in a lot of pain. We had a good time visiting and Trevin pushed every button and pulled every cord he could find! Good times.

Christmas Part Two....

Posted by Erica

The Sunday before Christmas we went to Erik's Parents house to have Christmas with them before heading up to Heber. We had a really nice time. Grandma Lopez made the best fudge and cookies. As you can see Trevin Loved it! I think he figured out what this one was before opening it!

Trevin got this lighting McQueen Chair and was so excited! It makes noise and when you move the arms to the back it turns into a car with a steering wheel. A dream come true!

Trevin also got this guitar! HE LOVES IT! He sits in his chair and plays and plays. He would not let anyone else touch it.

Christmas continues...

Posted by Erica

Here Trevin is on our way to Heber to spend Christmas with Grandma, Grandpa and his cousins.

When we got there we were greeted by this great big snow Dinosaur that KC and Kaden built! IT was really neat.

We also have a snowman village to greet us. There were three giant snowman that took everyone help to build. Trevin loved playing in the snow for the first time and wanted to play outside no matter how cold it was.

Christmas Eve my parents have this wonderful tradition. We turn all of the lights down low and light all of the candles in the house. My dad reads "The Night Before Christmas" and the "Naivety" from the bible by candle light. We then sing Christmas Carols and say family prayer.

This year we wanted to get a picture of the kids before Christmas day in their Christmas Jammie's. They loved that idea can't you tell!!!

Eventually they all settled down with help from Grandpa.

He just looked so cute in his pj's and slippers!
Trevin got a light saber and loved it. Well all of the kids and dads got them too. There was a lot of running, swinging, and lets be honest crying involved.
The Squires and the Dunaways( our really great friends in Snowflake) always spend Christmas day together. So after the presents and the rolls are made we head into snowflake for Christmas dinner, visiting and present exchange. We had a wonderful time. All of the Dunaway girls were there this time and it was much fun.
Erik, Trevin, Grandpa and I took Grandma Stratton out to lunch the next day. She looks so good and it was nice to visit with her. I miss her.
Here is a picture with Trevin and I with Grandad Stratton. We love you and miss you Grandad.

Erik had to go back to work but I stayed a couple days with my parents and got some rest. Trevin loves his cousins and they had a great time playing. Monday night was our annual Clam Chowder/Green chili stew party. Everyone in the neighborhood came. It was a smaller turn out than normal but it was a lot of fun, good food (do you see a trend?) and Friends!