So Bummed

Posted by Erica

Humph, Sigh, Pout....
I am frustrated. I have been clipping coupons and looking on site after site for fabulous deals. I was all prepared as I ventured into Fry's Market. I then noticed I did not have my list....PANIC! Then I realized I will just look at the Q's (coupons) and the ad and figure it out. There wasn't that much I was planning on getting. I am excited that I got 4 free dial liquid soaps, 3 free mustard's and something else. Erik is now done at this point. Trevin was being an octopus, Jonas had wet through his clothes ( I HATE Walgreen's diapers) and was crying so I was carrying him but could not push the cart with one hand (I got a 4, 24 packs of water$1.88 each, they were REALLY heavy) I got to the register and she was really nice and understood I was kinda new at the whole Q thing. She said let me have your competitor Q's first then the food for them, I then realized she was WAY to concerned about them. I was right. After telling me how cute my sons are and I did a good job on the saving she then proceeds to get the store manager. I had 3 $5 off a $25 dollar purchase from AJ's( Fry's is taking Competitors Q's this week.) I told them I had friends that had used them here just this week (which was TRUE!) They came and told me that AJ's was not a competitor and they won't take my Target Q's either. What?!? Then will you take out half of the stuff out of my basket? Remember the crying baby and irritated husband. I was SO agitated. I even pulled the "you just let all of the air out my sails" look and it didn't matter.

I have been trying to get one of those amazing receipts where you save 80% on you bill. This week was 52% and I think the best I have ever done is 62%. I know not horrible. I was just mad I was planning on saving $18.00 more dollars on that trip then I did! $18.00 That is alot of money... Well its not, is.

I am still glad I am taking the time to coupon. I have more food in my house than I ever had and not spending any more money than before. That is my goal so I will let this go...eventually. :)