So Bummed

Posted by Erica

Humph, Sigh, Pout....
I am frustrated. I have been clipping coupons and looking on site after site for fabulous deals. I was all prepared as I ventured into Fry's Market. I then noticed I did not have my list....PANIC! Then I realized I will just look at the Q's (coupons) and the ad and figure it out. There wasn't that much I was planning on getting. I am excited that I got 4 free dial liquid soaps, 3 free mustard's and something else. Erik is now done at this point. Trevin was being an octopus, Jonas had wet through his clothes ( I HATE Walgreen's diapers) and was crying so I was carrying him but could not push the cart with one hand (I got a 4, 24 packs of water$1.88 each, they were REALLY heavy) I got to the register and she was really nice and understood I was kinda new at the whole Q thing. She said let me have your competitor Q's first then the food for them, I then realized she was WAY to concerned about them. I was right. After telling me how cute my sons are and I did a good job on the saving she then proceeds to get the store manager. I had 3 $5 off a $25 dollar purchase from AJ's( Fry's is taking Competitors Q's this week.) I told them I had friends that had used them here just this week (which was TRUE!) They came and told me that AJ's was not a competitor and they won't take my Target Q's either. What?!? Then will you take out half of the stuff out of my basket? Remember the crying baby and irritated husband. I was SO agitated. I even pulled the "you just let all of the air out my sails" look and it didn't matter.

I have been trying to get one of those amazing receipts where you save 80% on you bill. This week was 52% and I think the best I have ever done is 62%. I know not horrible. I was just mad I was planning on saving $18.00 more dollars on that trip then I did! $18.00 That is alot of money... Well its not, is.

I am still glad I am taking the time to coupon. I have more food in my house than I ever had and not spending any more money than before. That is my goal so I will let this go...eventually. :)

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Sometimes couponing can be very frustrating!! Especially when you have kids with you :) It really does take SO much more time to watch exactly what the cashier is doing, but after a couple of times, you'll get the hang of it. I've found that I have to read the coupon rules for different stores online before going, that seems to help because then I feel more informed.
It makes no sense that they didn't take the AJ's coupon though. There are AJ's in the valley=competitor, right? I'm so sorry it was so frustrating!!

Ahh! I know what you mean. I would save your receipts and AJ's coupons and call the manager on Monday. It may be a different one. Tell them that the ad says they are taking ALL competitors coupons, and that they have taken those before and if you would've known they didn't do AJ's, you would have brought in three Fresh and Easy coupons because you can print them off their website right now. I hope that works. If you even care anymore!

If it makes you feel better, they wouldn't double my internet coupons (which I was planning on doubling since they were all 25-40 cent off coupons) AND I didn't know about the Fresh and Easy coupons AND I miscounted, so I spent way more than I should have also. You have to be so meticulous to get it right. I also get extra stuff that I need, and so that bumps my savings down. I'm sure you still got killer deals. Next time leave the boys at home! :)

SO sorry!!!! Nothing more frustrating than all of that!! Hang in there though, cause it really does get a lot easier the longer you do it.

I've been trying to do the whole coupon thing too. I ususally do pretty good but my problem is when I get in the store I always buy things I don't need.

That's pretty amazing! I don't know if I could be patient enough with the grocery coupon thing, but I hear you can get a lot of free or near free stuff. I'll use them once in awhile if I happen to have them with me (or always at Bed Bath & Beyond). Maybe when I get to stay home? I don't know. I say hang in is obviously working some. Not that it matters, but I cannot believe they wouldn't take AJ's either.

I have a friend that is really into the coupon thing. She is really good at it. I might have to get her to show me the ropes. Also, how is AJ's not a competitor of Fry's, they are owned by Bashas?

You're so good - I just can't get with Coupons! I'm impressed with you!!! Sorry it was so frustrating!!! maybe leave Erik home with the boys next time....

Sorry it was so frustrating. It is annoying when they have corporate rules that either the stores don't follow or the cashiers don't know about. Even more frustrating with the freebies when they'll be reimbursed by the mfg. for the things. It's not costing them anything.

If you want some help on the whole couponing thing, talk to Connie Reese in your ward. She's a CHAMP! She had a trip not long ago that she spent $31 and saved $311. She's crazy good! She's helped me save a TON of money!