Poor Erik

Posted by Erica

I have been so demanding lately. I am panicking. There is SO much to do and SO little time.
I want/need shelves in my garage - Shelves in the Spare bedroom closet and in Trevins closet- also the laundry room. I want the Garden done TODAY! Hang our security door. I want him to take the dressers down stairs so I can sand and stain them. I want the babys room painted and now I think I should paint the spare/Trevins new room before the baby comes. Weed killer sprayed in both the front and the back yard. I want to get an estimate by a professional for the concrete in the back yard and to figure out what we need to do to lay sod. Finish the window box for food storage. I would love the bathrooms and kitchen floor to be scrubbed and laundry all washed and folded at least once a week. The carpet cleaned, cabinets wiped down and organized... Most of this is on Eriks list... My list does include scrubbing and organizing.

Today's schedule:
6:30-7:30 Wake and gather stuff for hospital bag
7:30-8:30 Feed & Change Trevin...Do the dishes and clean the kitchen
8:30-10:30 Cleaned vacuum and scrubbed filters, swept, gathered up the garbage. Then Trevin and I scrubbed the Kitchen floor with scrub brushes on our hands and knees. It felt a little like swimming and scrubbing with a 22 month old helping!
10:30-11:00 Trevin got a bath and clean cloths and shockingly enough I too got a shower and clean cloths.
10:35-11:30 Went to Target to get Trevin a potty seat. He wants to sit on the BIG potty every hour...never has gone in the toilet but he is trying. ( I am not ready for all of this but if he wants to try I guess I am game too.)
11:30-12:30 Fed Trevin and put him down for a nap
12:30-1:30 Blogged and relaxed ate lunch
Tonight's plans
3:35 Erik gets home
3:50-9:00 Going to nursery to get the rest of the garden stuff. Drop off donations to DI. Visit Grandma and Grandpa Skinnell. Get Erik's hair cut. Visit his mother. Mix the garden soil. Maybe we will feed our son sometime in there too.
I know fat chance all of that is happening tonight, but at least we have a goal.

I feel so much more pregnant than 33 weeks. I have a thousand things I would love to have done but when walking across the room I feel like I just ran a marathon. Seriously I am out of breath, my chest hurts into my arms and everything. Sometimes I can carry Trevin up and down the stairs with no problem but if I get down to play with Trevin and stand back up I think I might pass out.

Have I complained enough yet? Not yet? Ok here goes my list before the baby comes....

Put together nursery and Trevins room
Figure out if Trevin is going to stay in a crib or get a big bed
Find a bed
All pictures in photo albums
Clean carpets, closets, cabinets and garage
Sand Dressers and end table
Get baby stuff out
Go to Babies r us and Target and get the stuff I borrowed last time and now need for myself
Finish Packing Hospital bag
Read "The Toddler whisperer" and "Baby Wise" and "The happiest baby on the block"
Email my parents
Vacuum everyday
Sweep twice a day
Clip the coupons I am behind on
Put together 72 hour kits

Ok I will stop there I am feeling a little over whelmed.

Baby Boy Lopez

Posted by Erica

Here is the latest picture of our baby boy Lopez. He just would not coporate with the ultra sound guy. He had both of his hands over his face and then would turn his back to us. He is also so low in the canal that there wasn't very much fluid between him and the uterine wall so the pictures were just skeletal. After laying flat on my back for 45 min ( by then I couldn't breath and was starting to see spots) He got this shot. Erik thinks he looks like Trevin I think you can't tell yet.

Yep I called him baby boy Lopez. He still does not have a name. We had one that I thought I liked then...I don't know. We are talking Jonas Squire Lopez. We talked about Jonas with Trevin (Before the Jonas brothers were around.) I just don't know. It felt right and made everything exciting then I started to question and now I have no idea AGAIN. For those of you familiar with Weezer you will recognize the name from the song "My name is Jonas." I think every time I say his name I will start singing the song in my head. We will see I guess.

Posted by Erica

I was cleaning the other day and walked back into the front room and Trevin was just hanging out watching TV. It was so cute. Especially since he was just not being SO cute so I turned on the TV to give us both a break.
I have been watching my friends baby Ethan on a regular basis. It has been good for Trevin. The first couple days were interesting. He went through phases of lovey, angry and excited.

I was nervous about the baby and Trevin but I think he will be OK. I forgot how much room baby stuff takes. It is so big and bulky. Trevin has been loving all of the new exciting toys around the exersaucer defiantly his favorite.

We got to Skype with my mom and dad over the web cams the other day. They look so happy. My mom said I need more pictures on here so forgive me but this will become an overseas photo album.