Out of the mouth of babes....

Posted by Erica

Trevin is learning to pray on his own. He always folds his arms and bows his head, occasionally he will close his eyes. He has been repeating what we say lately while we pray. It is so sweet.
The other day we were at the Lopez's for a Birthday party and BBQ. Everyone was in the kitchen getting ready to eat. While the prayer was being offered I hear Trevin whispering, my heart was swelling...I was so proud. Everyone thought it was so cute. Later Erik told me he was whispering "want chips, want chips."

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too cute!! gotta love those moments!

So cute! I told jake about this and we had a good laugh :D

That is funny! It is important to be honest in your prayers!

Love it :) You guys are great parents. Soon he wil be praying his toys will sleep well like Carter !!! Ha ha